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History of the school


History of the School

School name

Taichung Li-MingElementary School

School age


Date of anniversary of the founding of a school

November 12

The whole area of land

37,643 sq.m.

Address of the school 

Two No. 555 of dawn way in Taichung 

 Established date, great change

Construct dedicated to collect headmaster and concurrently take the place of the south

collect the branch school prepares to a director dawn such as primary school, 

Sent the old brilliant gentleman of the first headmaster to assume office in December of 64, June of 75 expired in term of office, 

Assume office to serve from the second headmaster Liu QingZheng 

The sixth headmaster Shen YueQing so far 

The Republic of China  8708 assumes office so far --



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